The Lab 39 solution

Our Mission

At Lab 39 we aim to increase the personal, social, emotional, and physical well‐being of chronic pain patients. We are developing an innovative hardware & software solution that provides connection, communication, and increased engagement between patients and their clinical teams. Efficiency for follow up visits, refills, and better pain scores is achieved with better capture & knowledge of the pain, sleep, activity levels, and patient reported effectiveness of the current treatment regimens.

We are now launching our product

The Data Gap

Care providers lack access to real time reliable data on the pain, wellbeing, and activity level of their patients in between clinic visits.

Patients notoriously report inaccurately when completing simple questionnaires just prior to brief clinical interactions. The critical data points that pain management care are based on, namely Functionality, Activity, Sleep and Pain; all reside in our short-term memory (and a good thing too :)). We are simply not designed to know ourselves in the way our pain physician needs.

Credible data, logged in real time, is critical to evidence based medical treatment, and that is where Lab 39 comes in.

Patient receives a band and downloads the app
We collect information from the patient in between visits
You get a detailed report with statistical analysis of the implication of any medication or intervention

For the physician

Our Patient‐Intelligent Sensor Band (PISB™) passively tracks sleep, heart rate and activity 24/7 with reporting direct to the patient’s secure record.

Using the data collected via PISB™ in concert with regularly pushed “Patient Check In” queries, our app will provide:

  • Our clinic application will provide you and your clinic a clean summary view of the patient’s data, condition and progress since last visit
  • Reliable data captured in real time
  • Summary of baseline and breakthrough medications
  • Monitors, alerts, and triggers that have occurred in treatment plan

For the patient

  • You can enable the patient to log and journal the state of their pain more completely AND allow their log to be responsive with advice and assistance


  • You can improve a patients understanding of their condition and patterns


  • You can provide a sense of control and understanding of the condition